Refund Policy

Downloaded Software

Within thirty (30) days of purchase, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Software, simply call us toll free at (855) 784 2569 to arrange your refund. We will process your credit within ten business days or sooner. For credit and debit card refunds, your bank may take up to two billing cycles to post the credit to your account. If you have any questions, please telephone us at (518) 282 6300.

Software Shipped on CD, DVD or Other Media

We guarantee our work but, in the event we cannot resolve the matter for which you purchased Infoeweb Software and LiveTech (or Infoeweb LiveTech PRO, when available) services within ten (10) business days, you may request a refund. Please telephone us at (518) 282 6300. Beginning ten days after purchase, LiveTech services are non-refundable. Infoeweb does not automatically renew LiveTech services and, if you have elected to pay for LiveTech services by means of a Payment Plan, you are responsible for the subsequent payments until the terms of your agreement have been satisfied.

In order to qualify for a LiveTech refund:

You must have allowed Infoeweb access to your computer as requested to perform diagnostics and problem mitigation. Our process is to escalate difficult cases through our technician expertise levels, which may mean that you will need to have several diagnostic sessions to ultimately solve your computer problem; and You must have followed recommendations prescribed by Infoeweb personnel, or allowed Infoeweb personnel to perform required operations, including; installation of appropriate software and required updates, adjusting of settings, the deletion of suspicious files.

A LiveTech refund: may be pro-rated depending upon the operations we completed; will not be granted if we determine in our sole discretion that, due to the condition or your computer or the nature of your computer problem, our reasonable efforts could not resolve the problem; and will not be granted if you simply change your mind and decide that you do not want to purchase LiveTech.

Shipping Policy

Digital Products

All digital products are downloaded electronically via the Internet allowing you to use Infoeweb PC Optimizer Software minutes after placing your order. When you place an order, you will be given a link to our software download page. The file to be downloaded is approximately 9.5MB and downloads in under a minute for broadband users. For customers that access the Internet with a 56K bps modem, the download time will typically be under 20 minutes. , Normally, the whole download and installation process typically takes less than ten minutes. If you have any questions, please Contact Us before purchasing our PC Optimization Software.

Shipping and Handling

At Infoeweb Inc, we understand that some people want to have a physical copy of their software. Thats why we offer our Software on CD-ROM. We can also ship our product as a gift with or without the sender's information. All products usually ship within 3-5 days. They are shipped via United States Postal Service or Fedex. The Tracking information is also available upon request. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.

Your CDs are generally shipped within 2 business days of receiving your order.

U.S. Orders: All continental U.S. orders will be shipped via U.S. Priority mail. Shipping and handling fees are $15 per shipment. A tracking confirmation number will be provided.

International orders: All international orders will be shipped via U.S. Express mail. Shipping and handling fees for Countries other than US are $25 per shipment.

PLEASE NOTE: Out of state orders WILL NOT be charged sales tax. In the state of New York, orders will be charged at 8% sales tax.