Customized Programming Services

Future Rich Tailor-made solutions on offer

All of our offered services can be customized with respect to functionality , visual Design and as per your business needs. Infoeweb's expertise in developing custom technology solutions to solve business needs spans many different industries and application types. Explore the following areas that highlight the depth of our experience.

  • Custom Programming and third-party Development - When building applications it is sometimes appropriate to use third-party software, development tools or other open source libraries. Before building something from scratch, we can help you evaluate the benefits, risks and costs of using 3rd party software or a component for your application. Additionally, it saves development time which often helps financially.
  • Database Design, Development, Integration and Management - The key to a successful custom software solution often depends on the design and implementation of the database. It is crucial for high performance applications and always impacts the ease of maintenance on all applications.
  • Microsoft .NET Development - Infoeweb has been developing applications using Microsoft's .NET development platform since 2005. Experience matters in software development; explore our deep and broad custom solutions built using the Microsoft .NET development platform.
  • Mobile Application Development - Even though mobile devices are now a viable application platform, they are still one of the areas that require creativity and perseverance in software development. What appears to be simple often ends up difficult. We know because we have been there.
  • Content Management System - Many of our clients utilize our services to create content management systems. In today's virtual world, countless organizations are turning to software development for storing, controlling, versioning and publishing industry-specific documentation.
  • Customized Web-based services - When it comes to web, you can certainly afford to relax here! We offer top-quality web-based services including Custod5 m Web Application design, Web Design, Domains and Custom Web Hosting Solutions, etc.
  • Customized Flash Development - Whether you need media rich interactive website or want us to develop customized xml driven components or Widgets for your application or projects, we do it all as per your business requirements.