Paypal Pro Checkout$599.00

PayPal provides online payment solutions. PayPal can be described as a third party tool for online money transaction. PayPal is the most secure option for you if you want to pay online or want to get paid online.

PayPal allows one to pay across various locations, languages and currencies. With PayPal you can pay in any way you prefer whether it is bank account, credit card, buyer credit or account balances.

PayPal Pro Checkout allows you to accept credit cards on your website directly. It offers you the features of internet merchant account as well as payment gateway. For this you should have a shopping cart, which is pre-integrated with PayPal Pro Checkout.

First customers choose to pay with PayPal. They pay with their credit card. They should log in to PayPal and follow a particular payment method. PayPal stores the shipping and billing info and processes the payment. Then customer confirms his/her purchase and returns to your site to enter the purchase information.

PayPal Pro Checkout enables you to control the customer experience as the customer stays on your site from beginning to end. The process is faster as the customers pay in just three clicks.

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