Paypal Express Checkout$599.00

PayPal provides online payment solutions. PayPal can be described as a third party tool for online money transaction. PayPal is the most secure option for you if you want to pay online or want to get paid online.

PayPal allows one to pay across various locations, languages and currencies. With PayPal you can pay in any way you prefer whether it is bank account, credit card, buyer credit or account balances.

If you own an ecommerce website you need to connect your online shop to an internet merchant account as well as a payment processing network. You can do this through PayPal payment gateway. It allows you to accept both credit card and debit card. You should add your shopping cart with PayPal Express Checkout.

For this you need to sign up for a PayPal account (personal, premier or business). You should download the code offered by PayPal. Then you must put in your PayPal email address. The next step is to tailor the master page. Then add your products to the xml file.

You should also add pictures to the pictures folder. Add the Express Checkout button to the shopping cart page of your website. Beside that you need to add PayPal in the payment option page of your site.

The customers need to log in to PayPal and select a particular payment method as well as a funding source for the payment. The customer makes the payment after you display the final order details.

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