Google Checkout Integration$599.00

Google Checkout is a well known checkout process. This fast and convenient process enables your customers to buy your products or services with a single login. Google Checkout process is not lengthy. All the purchasing information of a customer is stored in that single account so that every time they buy something from you they just need to provide their username and password.

It allows your customers to buy quickly and securely. You can process their orders as well as charge their debit cards or credit cards and receive payment in your bank account. No fee is charged for this.

Google Checkout offers you another facility. You can process $10 in sales for free with every $1 you spend on AdWords. For availing these facilities what you need to do is integrate Google Checkout process with your website. You just wish to have it and we are there for you.

Infoeweb offers Google Checkout Integration. We provide Top Up service in which we integrate the whole process to connect Google payment gateway with your website. You can avail this Top Up service of Infoeweb at an affordable rate.