CAPTCHA is the short form of Completely Automated Turning Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is a program that gives safety and security to your site. It gives your website protection from abuse. This program mainly generates test that a human can pass. However automated computer programs can not pass the test. For example a human can read a distorted text but it is impossible for a computer program to read such texts.

Infoeweb offers secure CAPTCHA implementation for your website. You can avail this Top Up pack at an affordable price. CAPTCHA can help you in a number of ways. It can prevent comment spam in your blogs. Automated programs submit comments in order to raise search engine rank. CAPTCHA will allow only humans to post comments in your blogs. It will also protect your site from email worms and spam.

Protecting Website Registration is another advantage of CAPTCHA. It ensures that only humans obtain free email accounts offered companies like Yahoo, Microsoft etc. It does not allow “bots” to sign up for innumerable email account every minute. CAPTCHA is very effective to prevent abuse by automated programs in case of online polls as well. It ensures that only humans can vote.

Our CAPTCHA service will also help you to make sure that search engine bots will not read your pages if you want your web pages to remain unindexed so that others can not find them easily. Another advantage of CAPTCHA is that it can also prevent dictionary attacks.

If you want to stop automated attacks to your site image security is very important for you. Images of text need to be distorted completely before you present them to the users. Script security is equally important for CAPTCHA.

Implementing CAPTCHA is easy. However making it accessible is also important. CAPTCHA is mainly based on reading text. But there are blind users as well. So reading texts will be a barrier for them. You need to ensure the accessibility of CAPTCHA for them as well.