Advance CMS with Basic SEO$699.00

CMS and SEO both are the backbones of your website. Advanced CMS helps you to create, edit, manage and customize your web content. On the other hand SEO places your website on the top listings in search engines.

Advanced CMS with Basic SEO gives you the opportunity to update your website. The system has been designed in such a way that your pages automatically get optimized when you update them. It helps you to maintain your website rank in major search engines.

Infoeweb Top Up services include Advanced CMS with Basic SEO. We integrate SEO techniques into an advanced content management system interface. This service ensures that you can insert keywords in the meta tag, title, H1 page title and in description portion.

This service also includes Google Analytic through which you can track user behavior. You will get an idea about the keywords that generate high traffic and will be able to insert keywords accordingly. Google Analytic will also help you to track the countries as well as cities from where your prospective clients are coming to your site.

Having an automatically updated data of traffic will facilitate your online marketing methods. If your website is easily accessible to the search engines it is obvious that you will reach your potential customers faster than ever. Infoeweb offer this service at an affordable rate.